Frasier Crane was the resident psychiatrist on "Cheers". Frasier Crane was played by Kelsey Grammer.

Frasier Crane was introduced as a friend of Diane Chambers from Greengrove, a mental asylum in Massachusetts that Diane "visited". Frasier had a single session with Sam Malone on his first visit to the bar. On his way out, he showed that he was also the lover of Diane.

Frasier played the role of the next boyfriend in Diane's life after Sam. He became a semi-permanent fixture around the bar. Diane was deeply in love with Frasier and when Frasier had to leave to move to Europe, Diane travelled with him.

While on the trip to Europe, Frasier asked Diane to marry him. Diane called Sam before agreeing to marry Frasier. Sam then realized his feelings for Diane after the call and flew to Europe to stop the impending marriage. The wedding was canceled and Diane returned to the US with Sam. Soon after the broken down husk of a man that was Frasier Crane, enter the Cheers bar and became a regular patron.

A year after the failed marriage between Frasier and Diane, Frasier appeared to start dating again. He met and fell in love with a fellow psychiatrist, Lilith Sternin. Frasier and Lilith were married after two years. A couple years later they had a child named Frederick.

After a few more years of wedded bliss, Lilith Sternin-Crane ended up having an affair with another researcher and went with him to live in a bio-dome type project. During this time Frasier received a letter from Lilith that said to start the divorce proceedings. It turned out that Lilith never wrote the letter but the harm that running of to the bio-dome did to Frasier was permanent. Frasier and Lilith split up.

Frasier moved to Seattle after the end of the series. Frasier started up a small radio show with a producer named Roz Doyle.

Frasier turned out to have a father and brother in Seattle. While at "Cheers", Frasier said that his father was a researcher and dead as well as him being an only child.

Frasier's father, Martin Crane, turned out to be an retired cop, and quite alive. Martin and Frasier had a love and hate type relationship. Quite often they would fight between Martin Crane's simple lifestyle, and Frasier's high class society lifestyle.

Frasier's father came to live with him in Seattle and with Martin, Eddie came to live with Frasier also. Eddie was a Jack Russell Terrier. Frasier detested Eddie especial because Eddie would always get hair on his expensive sofa and would stare at Frasier when he tried to read.

Frasier's brother, Niles Crane, is also a well respected psychiatrist. Niles always was very critical of Frasier's show, he felt a call in radio show was the lowest move a psychiatrist could do.

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