When Frasier and Niles Crane were children they wrote a series of 34 mysteries along the lines of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew in which they were the heroes. The basic premise of the stories involved two plucky lads who used their keen psychological insights to solve crimes brought home by their detective father. Some of their tales included... The writing process involved Frasier wearing his writer's jacket and glasses and dictating to his brother Niles. Niles would, in turn, type out the stories on the old family typewritter. In 2002 the brothers believed they had discovered human remains under the floorboards of their childhood home and, in their excitement, planned to have the stories published as part of the media blitz that would result once they solved the crime. In reality, however, they had discovered a fake skull that they had used as children in a backyard production of Hamlet. The stories remain unpublished.

Episodes of Frasier: "Daphne Returns" and "Death-trap"

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