Kelsey Grammer (1955) American actor

Actor Allen Kelsey Grammer was raised in New Jersey and Florida, but he was born on the US Virgin Islands on an isle called St. Thomas on February 21, 1955. His interest in William Shakespeare pulled him towards the theatre world. He participated on Broadway in MacBeth and Othello before joining the Cheers cast in 1984, which would earn him world fame.

In television comedy series Cheers, already running from 1982, Grammer played the character of Dr. Frasier Crane, a not so successful psychologist. Always sitting at the same spot at Sam Malone’s bar, his dry and almost amateurish psychological theories and his unforgettable wife Lilith (seemingly coming straight from The Addams Family) made him reasonably popular but his real fame started with his own series, based on his Cheers character: Frasier.

For his latter role as a radio show psychologist, Grammer received three Emmy awards (he had already been nominated for his Cheers appearances, but without reward). In addition, Grammer has won two Golden Globe Awards, two American Comedy Awards and a People's Choice Award.

Grammer starred in the movie Toy Story 2 as the voice of Stinky Pete the Prospector, and played Vladimir in Anastasia, alongside Meg Ryan and John Cusack. He married actress and dancer Camille in 1997.

I like to think that I am so gifted an actor that I can say Frasier is nothing like me at all. Alas, that is not entirely true. We do share a love for opera and fine food. I have a successful marriage, which he does not, but our essences are the same because both personalities spring from like desires. My desire to do the world some good is shared by Frasier. We also share my insecurities although Frasier is much more open about showing his. I suffer silently alone. We laugh at ourselves with equal jollity and I think we are equally fond of ourselves.
Kelsey Grammer on his own website:

As well as the roles mentioned above, Kelsey Grammar also plays a part in the Simpsons we all know and love ... the voice of Sideshow Bob. Sideshow Bob is a great complement to Frasier, both having a love for their intellect, and their own voice!

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