Rebecca Howe was the gold-digging manager of "Cheers". Rebecca is played by Kirstie Alley. Rebecca took over the leading female role when Diane Chambers (Shelly Long) left the show.

After Diane left, Sam Malone sold the bar and tried an around the world cruise. The corporation that bought the bar, placed Rebecca Howe in charge of the bar. Sam then came back to the bar after his boat sank soon after setting out and Rebecca finally decided to hire him back.

Rebecca starts out as a hard nosed, no joking manager. Soon after she entered the show she became a klutzy, worthless leaders. She was teased and became the broken spoke of the bar. In fact she became so bad that they often called her a total screw-up, or a jinx. She was often trying to find another job, or a higher job in the corporation, though something would always go wrong.

Frasier Crane found out from a friend that was an old schoolmate of Rebecca that her nickname was "Backseat Becks". The Reason for which is not known during the entire time at Cheers.

Rebecca loved money, she always aspired to be married to a rich man. She would chase any man with a large amount of money. In addition she always seemed to enjoy the look of sexy guys, even if they were poor. She did seemed to be able to resist Sam for some reason.

Rebecca had many men that she would chase after. Her first major love was Evan Drake. Evan Drake was a higher up at the corporation. While divorced once, Rebecca was unable to talk to him with out making herself look like a fool. She kissed him for no reason at a party, and fainted in front of him multiple times. In the end he flew to Japan with a lady friend, which he found refreshing because she asked him out.

Rebecca moved on to Robin Colcord after a couple more failed affairs. Robin Colcord was a rich and powerful English gentleman. He had a large corporation. Robin had such a control over Rebecca, she found her self in a race for his love with a French lady.

Robin decided in the end to live with Rebecca, though Rebecca found that he was using her to get inside information on her company. While she tried to turn him in, he offered to marry her but in the end he was caught for insider trading and sent to prison. When he left prison they almost got married again but thanks to Sam, she remembered her true feelings and decided against it.

At one point we found out that Rebecca's favorite song is "You've lost that loving feeling" by the Righteous Brothers. when Robin proposed marriage to her she even brought in a harp to play the song in the bar all day.

After the failed marriage, Sam picked Rebecca to make a baby with him. Sam and Rebecca tried to procreate a couple of times to the point where Sam almost hated to make love to her. The two of them mutual decided to find people that they really cared about to have a baby.

During the final episodes Rebecca married a plumber. We later found out on "Frasier" that her husband made millions of a low flow toilet. Rebecca was dumped by him after he made his millions. She came back to the bar, though it appeared that she was not working.

Since "Cheers", Rebecca is the only character who has not appeared on "Frasier"

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