Advertised as "The economical system synthesizer for serious musicians", the System 100 from Roland consists of five relatively self-sufficient components:

Synthesizer 101
A semi-modular synthesizer with a 37-note keyboard.
It features one VCO with pulse width modulation, an ADSR envelope generator, white & pink noise generator and an audio mixer for the VCO, noise and external input. There's also an LFO with output to the VCA, high- and low-pass filters and controls for auto- and manual glide.

Expander 102
A Synthesizer 101 without the keyboard. The glide controls are replaced with a sample-and-hold module, and instead of a noise generator there is a ring modulator.

Mixer 103
A simple mixer/amplifier with a built-in reverb effect.

Sequencer 104
a 12*2 step sequencer with variable gate time, switchable range and buttons for start, continue, stop and step.

Speaker 109
Just a pair of small 3.5W speakers.

Production period:

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