The World's Finest Love Doll

No, seriously. Howard Stern said it was the "Best sex I ever had!". Real Doll is a product first manufactured by Abyss Creations in 1996. They are made of exclusively formulated silicone, specifically designed to look and feel like human skin. Every doll contains an articulated skeleton, with joints that realistically approximate the range of motion found in the human body. Want one yet?


Now how much would you pay? But wait... there's more! Your doll comes dressed in the following apparel: bra, panties, thigh-high stockings, and a mini-dress.

Calm down, put your wallet away; these babes cost $6000 a shot. But after that she's yours for life. She'll probably outlive you... if you handle her right and keep up with the maintenance (the silicone repair kit is available for $50 if you get too rough). Also available for you cheap-skates is a Real Doll torso! This torso starts just above the belly button, and terminates at mid thigh. It includes both Vaginal and Anal entries, and is made with the same high grade materials as the dolls. It's only $1500. A torso. With both vaginal and anal entries. A torso. For $1500.

There are currently under development: Male Real Dolls, She-Male Real Dolls and Animatronic Real Dolls.

A torso... Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket.

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