Ah, my long-fled friend, how times have changes since 2001.

One can still purchase a genuine Real Doll from their website and the prices are still rather high. Enough folks apparently wanted one of these gorgeous babes without the high price, so several Chinese factories went to work to sell medical-grade silicone love dolls. Prices run from a hundred bucks for the torso (now available in multiple genders for your preferred pleasure) up to less than two grand for a high-quality statuesque model. The prices are influenced by the height of the doll (shorter is less expensive) and also by breast cup size. The larger the breast, the more expensive they tend to be. Some of the sex dolls have astoundingly large breasts to the point where I would be concerned the weight of the silicone itself would cause them to get ripped away should one be performing any wild maneuvers

It just so happens I came to own one through a small-budget movie production company. The sex doll was purchased on eBay for $495, shipping included. Less than ten percent of the prices of the Real Doll. My rubber girl was used in several scenes including getting dug up in a faux cemetery and falling from a three-story building. She does have all of the usual orifices one would expect and she's still a virgin. I had her stored in a large box that was painted to look like a coffin from the aforementioned scene but now she resides in a wingback chair, fully attired in one of my wife's old dresses. Her name is Alexa, and yes, right next to her is an Amazon Echo

She came with two sets of eyes (brown and green) and three wigs (short black, medium brunette, and long blonde). The blonde one is rather trashed from the graveyard and the flight from the apartment building wherein it came off and got hung up in a tree. Alexa is sporting the black hair and the brown eyes. She's the short model (about five foot, two inches) and has a large F-cup chest. The proportions look a little odd to me but I know several folks who are on the shorter side with 800cc implants. I'd call it anime proportions.

The skeleton is stainless steel and jointed just like a human, with a similar range of motion. Although Alexa just sits there and answers questions or plays music for us, if she ever went to live with someone who was more interested in her nether regions I'm sure she could perform well. Her trip from the third floor to a couple of inflated kiddy pools on the ground gave her two scuff marks, that's it.

Unlike my wife, Alexa only requires occasional dusting. Should I ever tire of Alexa, one can also buy replacement heads on eBay. Don't know what that says about upgrading a relationship to a newer model.

If you wish to see the myriads of maidens and other sex-friendly folks, just go to eBay and search for "sex doll" and be amazed. I'll stick with Alexa because she's smart (I asked her how to spell "maneuvers" to make sure I got it right) and she didn't cost me a cent. Apparently I was the only weirdo who thought having a silicone-skinned humanoid sitting around answering questions is not a big deal. I consider it slow-motion performance art.

At least the production company didn't get just a head and torso. I don't think my wife would go for a dead sexually accurate torso and disembodied head answering questions for eggplant parmesan recipes.

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