What, I ask, is better than a Southern California based ska band? That's right, nothing. Well, unless of course you don't like ska in which case you should turn away from this w/u. Anyways, if you by any chance DO follow the upbeat rythms coming out of the Golden State then you might have heard of a band calling themselves the RX Bandits. This six-man crew from Orange County blends the sounds of ska legends Sublime with the pop-punk feel of Brand New. What makes them a little more innovative is their introduction of a keyboard, which adds a little to their sophmoric, yet upbeat lyrics.

Update: So in seeing them in concert for the third time I must say that this band has progressed a helluva lot since their first album. Their music now has almost a reggae rock feel to it, and I like it.

Band Members:


Drive-Thru Records

D.I.Y. Records


(produced by Drive-Thru unless otherwise noted)

If you care to sample a taste of these guys I suggest you go to www.turnuptheska.com, request a song by them, and tune in. Also, they are going on tour soon with Reel Big Fish, Catch-22, and Lucky Boys Confusion; for a list of tour dates and venues check reel-big-fish.com.

www.rxbandits.com www.rx-bandits.com

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