The name of an online radio ( which plays, you guessed it, ska. Formerly located at, they play everything from the Aquabats to the Voodoo Glow Skulls. All you need to tune in is a decent internet connection and either Winamp or Windows Media Player. One of the best features is a huge database of requestable songs which usually play within about 10 minutes of being requested.

Other features include: Other facts:
  • The station streams at a bitrate of 24 Kb/Sec
  • The maximum number of listeners is 75

Also, they update their site semi-weekly with new CDs which bands send in. If you happen to be in a start-up ska band and want some recognition, mailing your CD might be a means of achieving it.

So if you like ska, or even think you might like ska, check out for some good-ol' skankin' fun.

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