A free service that allows for two computers to share and organize music files across either a network or the internet. On the website (www.netjuke.com) there are instructions for setting up the service on the Windows Platform (with additional instructions for Unix). This process involves installing and configuring the following: <\p>

  • Apache (Version 2.0.44) <\li>
  • PHP (Version 4.1 or greater) <\li>
  • MySQL (Version 3.x or 4.x) <\li>
  • Netjuke (Version 1.0-rc2) <\li> <\ul>

Although it is a fairly complicated process, once configured on both the host and reciever computers the service runs very smoothly and has a great interface. There are many screenshots on the site which display its ease of use. A new Version 2 is also in development and claims to be much easier to setup. <\p>

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