A New Jersey ska band formed in 2002 by three members of Catch-22 and three from One Cool Guy. The band signed with Victory Records in December of 2002 after producing a self-titled four song demo. In August of 2003 the band produced their first CD: Everything Goes Numb. Their lyrics and tempo closely resembles that of Catch-22, but in my personal opinion they will surpass the legend of Keasbey Nights and go farther due to their devotion to the true ska music. Members of the band include:

The band is also part of the RISC Group, a joint merchandise company formed with fellow band, Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution (B.O.T.A.R).


I recently had the pleasure of seeing these guys in concert in Denver at the Construct immediately after attending a nodermeet. It was an utterly amazing show and I would recommend that any ska fans be sure to see them if they are in your area.

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