RD is one of the 8 modem lights on your average external modem. RD is a short form of Receive Data.

When flashing on, indicates that the modem is receiving data or signals from a remote computer.

RD, acronym for Ratings Deviation, is a statistical measure of the stability of a chess rating created by the Glicko Ratings System. It is used only on Internet Chess Servers such as FICS, as opposed to ELO.

The thirteenth and final episode of the Japanese anime Big O. The previous episode was Enemy is Another Big.

There's a series of murders. Someone, apparently a girl who wears a red hood and red lipstick, is shooting people. She leaves the message "Cast in the name of god, ye not guilty" behind. Roger, on the investigation himself, talks to Big Ear. Big Ear says that the latest victim, a woman named Ellen, had been telling her friends that she had memories from more than 40 years ago... an odd thing to say, since she was barely 20.

Dastun gives Roger photos of the victims to see if he knew any of them... it turns out that Ellen Weight was a client of his. Before he could meet her, however, the killer got to her. Roger is surprised by the "Cast in the Name of God" phrase, but carefully conceals that from Dastun.

Back at the Smith household, Roger sees Norman; he can't find Dorothy, and wants to know where she is. Norman doesn't know; he's been busy fixing the Big O from its entanglement with the Big Duo. As he watches this, Roger asks Norman if he wonders why he knows how to fix the Big O. Norman says no. "What about you, master Roger?" he proceedes to ask. "Have you doubted what you know? Do you question your skill to pilot the Megadeus so capably?" Roger has to admit that he hasn't.

Roger walks along tracks, and is engulfed by flames. He has a terrible vision of burning books, piles of them. Hundreds of megadeuses, flying, destroying everything in sight. A small army of hypnotized children. Bar codes. He wakes up in bed-- it was a nightmare. He goes to the window, and sees Dorothy briefly, standing on the balcony in the rain; she hops off, but this doesn't seem to surprise him too much.

Then, there's another murder; this time, it's a hotel porter. Roger sees Big Ear again for more information. Big Ear indicates that, while there's no solid connections between the victims, they all shared one thing in common; they were certain that they weren't born in Paradigm City. Roger visits Ellen's apartment, hoping to find more clues. But he recognizes a building across the street. It's from his vision. Hypnotized children... he'd been there before!

He rushes across the street and enters the now abandoned building. He puzzles over the reception desk and a bricked up hallway, trying to remember... eventually, Roger enters a library completely devoid of books. He's amused, but he still remembers the vision of burning books. Then he notices that Angel is in the library. She asks why he's there, and when he doesn't give her a straight answer, she warns him off. She says that the city reps are conerned that he's not using Big O properly. Why does he pilot the Megadeus, she wants to know? He doesn't answer.

As Angel prepares to leave, she puts on a red hood, and Roger suddenly finds himself on the tracks again. A voice gloats at him from the shadows. A red-hooded figure appears, and leers at him, frightening him. He comes to again, and notices a book on the shelf, with a list of names and bar codes inside-- a book that wasn't there when he went into flashback. The book is called "Metropolis", and it's by a certain G. Rosewater.

Back at home, Norman is still fixing the Big O distractedly. Roger inquires after Dorothy again-- she's still missing. So he tells Norman that he's going out. Meanwhile, Angel tells Alex Rosewater that Roger's going to Ilesberry, to meet the author of the book. Rosewater says it doesn't matter; the awakening is already underway. Meanwhile, it appears that the Big Duo is being repaired under his watchful eye.

Ilesberry is sunny farmland! Roger meets the proprietor of the farm, Gordon Rosewater-- the former city elder himself, now a laid-back tomato farmer. Rosewater affirms that he had written the book, "Metropolis". Roger thinks it's not their first encoutner. He surmises that 15 years ago, Gordon Rosewater had memories of the past implanted into several children. 4 of them started remembering recently. They were killed because of it. Why does this even happen? To recover the memories, of course.

Rosewater discusses Roger's theories, but goes on to say that the book of Metropolis is a lie. Every detail. But the book is unfinished! When Roger asks why, Gordon says, "Son, you have to harvest when the time is right." Perhaps Roger will be the one to write the end of the book. Rosewater embraces him and bids him farewell, and Roger finds the entire experience vaguely unsettling..

In the pouring rain, Roger visits the address of the last name on the list that came with the book. RD is the name. There's nothing there but a deserted train tunnel. As he looks at it, he notices a hooded figure waiting for him. R... Red!

Roger goes down the tracks, just as he remembers from his dream. Again, he has the vision of fire and prowling Megadeuses. Was he one of the children with implanted memories? Is that how he can pilot the Big O? Roger finds some sort of coffin with a familiar outline... but before he can investigate, the red-hooded girl appears behind him. She levels a gun at him. He says that she wasn't allowed to harm him, since she was an android. She replies that killing him was her orders, her programming. Roger, trying to keep his cool, says that R is red. But what is D? "What being commanded means," replies the assassin. DESTINY!

"Who commands you, Roger Smith?" asks RD. When he replies that he obeys no one, she explains that the Megadeuses were instruments of God, meant to be commanded-- and if he didn't take commands, then he must die! She shoots him, but his thrown flashlight messes up her aim, and he runs for it. But he's bleeding from a gunshot wound to his left arm. He tries to summon the Big O... and nothing happens! As RD stalks down the tunnel, shrieking "Roger!" at him in a chillingly inhuman voice, he starts to lose his nerve.

Roger manages to engineer a distraction to escape. But it doesn't quite work-- she manages to obstruct his escape with a fried generator. She approaches, and in the light from the shower of sparks, he realizes that RD is Dorothy?!! But before she can fire, the Big O appears, seemingly destroying her in the process. Meanwhile, offshore, other giant robots surface.

Roger limps up to the cockpit, to find R. Dorothy Wayneright sitting there. To his incredible relief, she acts normal. But why didn't he see her around? "You would have, if you weren't so busy." she chides him. Norman weighs in and tells Roger that the Big O acted on its own and came to rescue him. This fact gives Roger a fresh surge of adrenaline, and just in time-- three mysterious robots are heading towards the city from the sea.

Roger enters the Big O and brings it out to the harborfront. Not far away, Angel watches. "It's too soon," she comments plaintatively. "If the power is released now, you'll ruin everything, can't you see that?" The Big O marches towards the ocean. In the cockpit, Roger says, "We have choices. Some people like to stand in the rain without an umbrella. That's what it means to live free." He takes the controls, placing his wounded left hand gingerly over the stick. To his mild surprise, Dorothy slides in to stand beside him, putting her right arm around him and her left hand over his. He relinquishes control of the left lever, puts his arm around her, and smiles confidently.

As the robots draw closer, he shouts: "Big O, SHOWTIME!!"

In the Japanese the text at the end of the episode, where the title of the next episode is usually displayed, it instead read "To be Continued...". In the U.S. version it read "We Have Come to Terms".

r/d - refer to drawer - what a British bank will write on cheques that they do not intend to pay, before returning them to the payee, writing you a rude letter, and debiting your account twenty-five quid or so for the service. Cf. the American NSF.

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