Kwantlen University College is located in British Columbia, Canada, serves the communities of Richmond, Delta, White Rock, Surrey, and Langley.

There are four campuses, with over 25,000 students. Kwantlen provides both vocational and academic programs, and continuing education courses.

The main campus is in Surrey, and the other three campuses are in Langley, Newton, and Richmond.

Interestingly, the Langley campus offers a Certificate in Equine Studies.

Students at Kwantlen University College are represented by the Kwantlen Students' Association, local 5 of the Canadian Federation of Students.

In 2003 and 2004, I worked at the Surrey campus for the department of humanities and fine arts as a figure model for art classes.

Located at:
Kwantlen University College
12666 - 72nd Ave.,
Surrey, BC V3W 2M8


The four campuses truffle mentions are here listed, with a few details of each:

Surrey (First on the list because it's my home campus, and the largest)

The address is the one in truffle's w/u above. Very easy to get to via TransLink. This campus has courses in just about every subject offered by Kwantlen except music, horticulture, mandarin and some of the more trades-oriented stuff.

The Surrey campus also has a small art gallery, usually housing the work of students & faculty. Other student art is plentiful on campus, from a series of metal sculptures on the east side to the wierd foosball things in G building. I don't know if they count as student art, but they freak me out. I'm always worried they'll smack me down the hallway.

Aside from that, the Surrey campus has all that stuff that post-secondary institutions tend to have - library, bookstore, cafeteria, some courtyards complete with smelly frog-filled swamp, arcade and lounge.

Your humble noder has limited knowledge of the other campuses, and apologizes in advance for their possibly skewed representation. They all suck anyway.


79 - 77th Ave., Surrey BC

Newton campus is just a short distance from the Surrey Campus (which, by any reasonable definition, is also in Newton) and houses the electronics, automotive and other shop subjects. It's tucked away down a side road, and can be a bitch to find if you don't know where to look. Transit coverage is spiffy, though - It's just up the street from the bus loop.


8771 Lansdowne Rd., Richmond BC

Richmond is the second largest campus of the school, as far as courses and students go. Richmond, in general, and the Richmond Campus in particular, is not particularly friendly to those of us who eschew automotive locomotion (Automotion? Both words have the same root, it seems redundant...). Public transportation cowboys like me don't plan to go there without packing a change of clothes and a sleeping bag for the trip.

All in all, it's a nice place -- all one building, unlike Newton and Surrey so running around in the rain isn't as necessary, and right next to Landsdowne Mall. The atrium and the big spiral staircase thing are neat, but the floor plan looks like something Jhonen Vasquez would come up with to imprison cheerleaders in. Okay, it's kind of a big T shape. That's nice. On the other hand, it's a giant mass of zig-zagging parallel corridors largely devoid of reference points. Just be sure to come in one of the main entrances, and you'll be okay.

Here you will find the fashion program. They have lots of clothes and stuff on display in the hallways, and everyone has style down there, so I was impressed.


20901 Langley Bypass, Langley BC

The Langley campus is notable for housing the music, horticulture and, as truffle points out, equestrian departments. It is possible to get to on the bus, but I wouldn't want to.

Update: Nov 15, 2004. There is now a new bus route (the 301) that goes from Newton, past the Surrey campus and to the Richmond campus (sort of). It still takes, like, an hour and a quarter, but it is now considerably simpler to get there from here. People who don't live in Newton are still screwed. None of you care, though, because you don't live in Newton.

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