The twelvth episode of the Japanese anime Big O. the previous episode was Daemonseed. In the original Japanese version this episode was named "Enemy as Another Big".

At JFK Mark, an abandoned airport, a Megadeus stands alone, swathed in bandages. Dastun and the MPs watch from a distance, as the thing is about to move. Then, the Big O appears.

Shortly before this event, Roger was standing in Rosewater's office. Rosewater tells him that he wants to give an employee his severance pay. It's Michael Seebach. Seebach, or more appropriately, Schwarzwald, wasn't killed when the prototype Megadeus was destroyed in "Underground Terror". The severance check for Seebach is ludicrously huge, and Roger asks why he's needed to deliver it. Rosewater smoothly asks him no to criticize his decisions. Grudgingly accepting yet another assignment from Rosewater, Roger heads over to JFK Mark, where the Megadeus is.

Schwarzwald stands on the bandaged Megadeus, sniggering. He's glad to see Roger, the "corrupt lapdog". In fact, he was waiting for Roger. The enemy Megadeus attacks, trapping the Big O in bandages. Roger uses chest machine guns to attack, causing the enemy Megadeus to catch fire and fall over. Roger is relieved, but then he realizes that the bandages were burned, but the robot wasn't harmed.

It's obscured by smoke, but the Megadeus is still there. Schwarzwald laughs. Without the bandages, Roger realizes that it's a full Megadeus-- no, not just that-- it's another Big O! "I can picture the look on your face right now, Roger Smith," sneers Schwarzwald. "But I'm saving the attack for the main stage!" The robot vanishes. A bandage drops from the sky. Could it be...?

Later, back at the Smith building, Dorothy gives Roger the phone. Roger distractedly asks her if she thinks that "it can fly." "What can?" inquires Dorothy. The call turns out to be from Angel, who discloses the whereabouts of Schwarzwald. How does she know about him?!

Schwarzwald is giving a masquerade party at a ritzy hotel. Roger takes the mask, a requirement for admission to the bash, but doesn't wear it. He shortly encounters Schwarzwald, dressed as a clown. In the background, the wealthy partygoers revel in absolute debauchery, something Schwarzwald is quick to point out to Roger. "You're obsvering the reality of the corrupt city you're trying to protect!" he declares angrily. Roger responds by giving Schwarzwald the severance check. Schwarzwald giggles and burns it right on front of him. He tells Roger that these false skies, these domes over Paradigm City, are useless! Schwarzwald wants the population of Paradigm City, especially the decadent rich, to encounter the Event again-- and he'll make it happen, with the Big Duo!

The partygoers masks burst into flames, disfiguring them horribly. Schwarzwald flees, yelling "BIG DUO!" Jet engines sound, and to Roger's absolute shock, a Megadeus swoops down from the skies. He collects himself, and calls into his watch...

The Big O surfaces at the top of the skyscraper, and does battle with the Big Duo. But the Big O is out of ammo, according to Norman! Roger says he'll think of something! Unfortuantely, at this point the Big Duo catches the Big O, and starts crushing its head. Roger tries to hit it with the pistons, and misses. The Big Duo flies back, circles around, and prepares to launch the rest of its missile payload at the Big O. There's a huge explosion...

But Roger still lives! He'd used the edge of the dome to grapple on to, dodging the missiles in the process. The Big Duo, now unarmed and without the element of surprise, is easy prey for the Big O. The vengeful Megadeus drops directly onto the Big Duo, snapping off its arm. The robot uses the piston to smash its adversary's head. But as Roger moves to capture Schwarzwald, the Big Duo reactivates, and starts blindly staggering towards the Paradigm Building. Schwarzwald, himself shaken to the core, escapes, but not before warning Roger. "Do we control them, or do they control us, Roger Smith?" he asks stridently, and disappears. The Big Duo collapses.

As the episode ends, Dorothy enters a darkened room, and spies something...

The next and final episode is RD.

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