The company I temporarily work for in Plainfield, Indiana for the summer of 2000. We have a warehouse/center with North American Van Lines, which has laboratories where we put configure and assemble some of HDS's mainframes and storage clusters. These are custom built machines that go primarily to Hewlett Packard and Vion Corporation, and they resell a lot of these to other corporations and miscellaneous companies. You can go to these companies websites to read more about the products. We assemble and test by hand, and distribute fault tolerant, scalable fibre channel disk arrays with configurations ranging from 60 Gigabytes (GB) to 20 Terabytes (TB). I never knew SCSI array controllers had 32 GB of RAM. These systems are designed to work with most breeds of UNIX including Linux, and Windows NT. As a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., HDS works with its Japanese parent for advanced storage solutions and R&D. If you ever want to buy a whole lot of storage, we're the storage gods. Just bring your money.

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