Like the hair on ones head, pubic hair is trimmed, shaved, combed and/or styled to varying degrees, particularly amongst women. These styles can be placed in one of two groups: high maintenance and low maintenance. High maintenance styles are those requiring regular periodic trimming, shaving, clipping,waxing and conditioning primarily for comfort as stubble can and does itch. High maintenance styles are also characterized by a maximum depth of about 1 cm. Low maintenance require much less care and in many cases none or little hair cutting. The other difference is high maintenance styles are chosen by women, the low maintenance styles the women are born with. Some of the styles are listed below grouped and alphabetized..


The Cardshark
This style is frequently seen in exotic dancers where the hair is shaved to resemble a playing card suit on the mons veneris. Hearts and Spades are usually seen but occasionally a Diamond is seen. A Club is the least frequently seen.

The Charlie Chaplin submitted by elluzion
The hair is cut such that a small horizontal rectangular patch analogous in shape to the English Comedian/Actors moustache is located immediately above and adjacent to the genitals. Synonyms: Der Führer, Adolf, Adolf Hitler.

Driving Directions
In this style the hair is shaved to the shape of an arrow pointing directly downward. Presumably as an unsolicited indication to the male partner where to go and what to pay attention to. This style was almost certainly prompted by the male predilection for not asking for directions.

The most common of all styles named for its shape. This style can also be included in low maintenance group for younger women or women who have relatively little hair.

The John Waters
This style consists of a pencil thin vertical line of hair. See also the Landingstrip and the Mohawk

The Landingstrip
The hair is trimmed such that it resembles a vertical rectangle wider than about 4cm. The top margin of which is closer to the navel than other styles. Has a similar effect as Driving Directions. Synonyms: the Runway, (military variation) Flightline

The Lolita
All hair is shaved or waxed off thoroughly. ‘Nuff sed. Also occurs on prepubescent females, if that thrills you you should be in jail. Synonyms: The Kojak, The Yul Brynner,

The MC Hammer
Not seen very much any more as its popularity peaked in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s this style consists of 2 or more chevrons of hair like the swaths through Hammer’s left eyebrow, also so named as its popularity waned with its namesake.

The Mohawk
This style is similar to the Landingstrip but very narrow; usually less than 2 cm in width. An example of less is more in that the driving directions effect is amplified in comparison to the Landingstrip. Synonym: the Brazilian, the Mohican.

The Princess Cut
The hair is shaved to resemble the outline of a vertical American football. Depending on the size and/or taste of the woman it can vary in length between 2 and 12 centimeters.

The Veefer
The hair is shaved to the shape of the letter ‘V’. This has a twofold effect: the aforementioned Driving Directions and the letter ‘V’ is said to make english speaking people think of the word vagina, as if men need the reminder once they have gotten that far.


The Afro
Contrary to popular opinion this style is not restricted to women of African descent as most women have curled pubic hair. It is also more known for its depth and roundness than the ubiquity of hair. Synonym: the Blowout.

The Amazon
The hair tends to be dispersed fore and aft and may extend toward the navel, covering the labia, and extending back into the gluteal crease. Overall the hair remains generally within the centerline of the body. Synonym: the Saddle

The Bikini Bottom
The hair covered area extends laterally toward the iliac ridges and when viewed from the front it appears that the woman is wearing underwear or a bikini bottom.

The Happy Trail
The hair covered area extends straight up stays narrow and ends at the navel. The only low maintenance style to date with a Driving Directions effect.

The Patchouli
This is the most hair-laden of all styles. The antithesis of the Lolita. Pretty much hair everywhere, women who prefer this style never met a razor they liked. Synonyms: the Rastafarian, the Sikh, the Madonna Guccione.

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