What one says to a sexual partner after the actual act of copulation is completed. Variants include:

"That was great, get out."

"So, you ready to go again?"

"You're not going to tell my wife are you?"

"I thought you said it was only $50?"

"Uh, yes, that was it."

"Thanks Father, I'll see you at Communion on Sunday.

"Was it supposed to hurt like that?"

"What's your name again?

This is a dangerous time to have a discussion of any importance. While wrapped in the wonderful bliss that is the post coital glow, a devious partner can trick you into agreeing to things you normally wouldn't agree to.

Pillow talk is also a favourite time of women to lure reluctant men into speaking about their feelings. More specifically, the men are supposed to talk about their feelings for the woman they just slept with.

1: *giggle*

2: What?

1: *hysterical giggle*


The second of two great 45s (about 15 years apart) involving Sylvia Vanderpool Robinson, credited as "Sylvia", after her semi-legendhood as half of "Mickey and Sylvia" in the early days of rock and roll; the song was a 70s classic, a lazy, soft-soul soliloquy that was great pillow-talk mood music. She would gain even more fame at the end of the decade, as a co-owner of Sugar Hill Records, even, for a time, owning a piece of Chess Records, thanks to the burgeoning popularity of rap, and Sugar Hill's burgeoning cashflow.

Term used by the intelligence community to describe intelligence gathered by officers who obtain information by sleeping with their contacts. Numerous US servicemen stationed in West Germany were compromised in this fashion.

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