Strange, soft little noises that come from boys while they sleep. Also, even stranger noises that come from them while they're awake. Their bodies seem to have unconscious little gurgles, groans and hiccups that mystify me every time I notice them. They're different from man noises, more...subtle. Of course, girls have their own noises, but, being a girl they tend not to intrigue me and I don't pay as much attention.

Whenever my grandfather sneezes, I swear, he could blow a cat out a ten-story window. This is a noise that, sadly, I don't think I'll ever be able to make (sniff, sniff...). This may be more of a man noise, depending on the maturity of the sneeze. Also, armpit farts seem to be more of a guy thing, even if they are synthetic. Definitely a boy noise. Ever heard a guy with a good voice hit a really high note? It's different, somehow, even if it's the same note. Oh, and the way their heels press into the ground with a quick thud when they walk - you can always tell a man from a woman.

Coffy appears in the doorway, armed with coffee.
She sits on the edge of the bed, placing her full mugs far out of reach of waking-up legs.
She strokes the Boy's hair gently.

Me: "Wake up, Boy."

First effort elicits no response from the sleeping lug.
Coffy plants a kiss on the side of the Boy's neck.

Me: "Made you coffee."

Boy rolls in Coffy's general direction.

Boy: MMmmmmrrrrrphhhh.....

Boy smiles, eyes still closed, and turns over.

Boy: MMummph...gurgle.

Coffy rub's Boy's shoulders encouragingly.

Me: C'mon now, I have to go to work really soon. And if you don't get up now you'll still be here when I get back tonight.

Boy (faint, high-pitched): Nnnnnn....'kay.

Me: I think we almost achieved a word just then!

Coffy believes she has made! no wait! The Boy's arm is sneaking up behind her no! Mayday! Mayday! We have a woman down!
Boy growls

Me: Hmmm....shit, now we'll never get up.

Boy (making short work of Coffy's clothes): Unh-unh.

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