This morning I helped with my grandparents' lawn, and then followed my grandmother (she left without us, because she thought we had already left) to Emmigration Market for sandwiches. I loaded some junk from my office into the car (I should have gotten a sidewalk parking pass, but didn't think about it until I had already fed the meter), came home, slept, mowed the lawn, ate dinner, and wrote this.

October 7, 1999October 8, 1999:r1October 9, 1999
I remembered being dressed up in a pin-striped suit, going to Brooklyn College in the suit, going to downtown in New York City to see Ute Lemper with "a friend." I worked on this plan one month in advance to make this happen.

What friend that was. The jerk stood me up, left me alone with all of the people in Joe's Pub being all hooked up in groups while I'm too damn lonely.

However, a girl by the name of Didi Rissman recognizes me from my home page, and she starts to e-mail me. It would take a month or two of e-mail exchanges before we meet up for the first "test date."

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