compiled overview of the 80 ton O-Bakemono 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

The O-Bakemono, "Great Goblin" in Japanese, is an early result of Luthien Armor Works' program to reverse engineer captured Clan OmniMechs. Though it has yet to go beyond the prototype stage, this 'Mech appears to have a promising future ahead of it.

The O-Bakemono's design is based on the Naga OmniMech used by Clan forces, and shares many of that 'Mech's characteristics. Its relatively lightweight XL engine allows the O-Bakemono, like its parent OmniMech, to carry heavy weapons and considerable armor. However, the O-Bakemono's engine is less powerful than the Naga's, and so the O-Bakemono has a somewhat slower top speed. With this new design, the designers at Luthien Armor Works have largely overcome the Naga's lack of intermediate-ranged firepower by replacing two of the Naga's three small lasers with Diverse Optics Type 20 Medium Lasers. The O-Bakemono still carries two Arrow IV missile systems and 30 tons of ammunition, giving it the same devastating long-range firepower as the Naga.

Though the O-Bakemono's weapons are not truly modular, this 'Mech's equipment is much easier to repair or replace in the field than the standard Inner Sphere BattleMech. The Arrow IV systems can be disengaged from the main body of the 'Mech by activating five quick release levers , and the lasers can be removed and replaced in a similar manner. Engine repairs can be made in an hour rather than the standard five hours for a conventional Inner Sphere 'Mech.

The missiles come in pre-loaded canisters that double as shipping containers, which are simply slipped into the 'Mech like a rifle magazine rather than loaded one by one into an internal ammo bay. The O-Bakemono represents an important breakthrough in the Inner Sphere's ongoing attempts to develop OmniMech technology.

The O-Bakemono has yet to be officially deployed. According to rumors, however, the prototype received its first trial by fire with the mercenary unit Camacho's Caballeros, in the employ of Coordinator Theodore Kurita's cousin Chandrasekhar Kurita. Reportedly, the prototype distinguished itself in successful actions directed against rebellious Confederation units on the planet Towne in the so-called Chaos March. These reports remain unconfirmed, however.

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