"Collection of worlds and governments geographically and politically centered around the homeworld of Terra (Earth)."

- MechCommander manual, FASA Interactive/MicroProse

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A collection of planets ranging from 200-300 light years from Earth, their deviation from the galactic plane, negligible. The vast majority of these worlds belong to the domains of one of the five Successor States:

* Originally the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth. In 3028 these two realms merged to form the Federated Commonwealth, but the Lyran half later seceded, forming the Lyran Alliance.

Also of note are the two 'lesser' states of the Inner Sphere:

Some worlds more centrally located within the Inner Sphere are a part of the Chaos March, a hotly disputed region where many planetary governments have declared their independence, or formed their own coalitions.

Note: This information as of 3062

See also: The Periphery

don't forget that, as of 3061, Clan Ghost Bear has relocated into the Free Rasalhague Republic territory they seized. their homeworld is now among our stars in the Inner Sphere.

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