A 'Mech from the BattleTech series, it is one of the most dangerous Omnimechs produced by the Clans, known to the Inner Sphere as the Masakari. It weighs 85 tons and has a maximum speed of 64.8 kph. Its primary variant includes four Extended Range PPCs and a LRM-10 with one ton of ammo, a significant long range punch. Any Mechwarrior who fires all four PPCs in one turn risks immediate shutdown from the heat they generate, even with 20 double heat sinks. Alternate Configuration A is much more heat efficient; armed with a Streak SRM-6, a LRM-15, LB-10X autocannon (available in cluster or slug ammo) and two ER Large Lasers. Alternate Configuration B is armed with a Gauss rifle, three ER Medium Lasers, a Narc missile beacon and two SRM-6 launchers. All variants include a Targeting Computer, dramatically increasing the accuracy of its PPCs, lasers, Gauss rifle, or the LB-10X AC with slug ammo. The Warhawk has been seen in service with Clan Ghost Bear and with the the former Clan Smoke Jaguar.

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