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(r) hamster bong says i thought you shoud know, i think you are really really great
(r) hamster bong says great like a flying spoon saucer

Same here Princess. Same here.

this brought this.
I think I might be happy

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Sweet baby Jesus! Stride is voting drunk again!?

created by Stride

(idea) by Stride (print)   Reputation: 0 (+16/-16)   2000-07-05 at 04:27:56 UTC

why yes, dear reader, i am!

i know you all have nodes that you honestly think got short voted just because they went against the flavor of the moment.
- or you are Dman.
- or very few people were logged on.
- or jessicapierce was hogging the spotlight (love you JP!).
- or the title was a good representation, yet, not eye catching.
- or voters ignored its useful content because they thought you were just lamenting over past "whatevers".
- or you announced being wasted in the Chatterbox...

anyway, i feel your pain!
and i'm drunk!
so let us work together to keep me from voting on retarded nodes. from now on, when i'm plastered, i'll look here for nodes to vote on. your quality, underprivileged nodes! i'll read them over as carefully as i can at that moment and if they seem factual and useful i'll + 'em! even if they are scientific formulae that i don't understand; i know they have value to someone. my only request is that you don't give me song lyrics unless they contain interesting info besides what's in the CD liner notes.

now hurry, i'm sobering up!

...that's how it was before it died
it still lives
if you /msg me