Inner Sphere Classified Files: Chaos March


The Chaos March is the turbulent zone situated near Terra in the Mechwarrior/Battletech universe. Originally all planets were controlled by one house or the other, and only Terra was neutral, controlled by Comstar. Over the years, however, four violent wars wracked the Inner Sphere, which became known as the Succession Wars. After the Fourth Succession War came to its conclusion the FedCom Civil War broke out amongst planets near Terra held by the Federated Commonwealth in 3028. This war spread like a plague, and soon almost every planet near Terra was moving to seperate themselves from their respective ruling Houses.

The FedCom Civil War began as a simple concern for the Federated Commonwealth, but by 3033 it became a major concern for all the houses. The Civil War ended in 3046, and the Chaos March was "established" as a zone of neutral planets guarded by Comstar. The Houses were not content and began preparing for a renewed offensive, and were it not for the Clan Invasion of 3050, there is little doubt the Chaos March would have been reconquered. Over the years of the Invasion and the begginning years of the Steiner-Davion Civil War the Chaos March lived in relative, but hotly disputed, peace, and strengthened its defensive position. In recent times, however, many worlds are falling to the Word of Blake cult and calling for the WOB to guard their planets rather than Comstar, and the Capellan Confederation has launched a renewed offensive, recapturing many lost worlds. The future of the Chaos March is uncertain at best.

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