Colloquial Scottish term referring to a certain type of young person, characterised by tendency towards wearing Kappa shellsuits, listening to bad techno music, drinking cheap booze (such as the infamous Buckfast "tonic wine"), and indulging in casual drunken violence on a Friday night.

Neds always like football, and neds from Glasgow invariably support either Celtic or Rangers, and will happily fight anyone who supports the other.

For Americans - neds likely derive from the same genetic stock as the redneck, or white trash.

Scottish term for young people who seem to have a fondness for bright, cheesy clothing (Kappa tracksuits and the like), as well as cheap alcohol (alcopops, Buckfast (aka 'Buckie') etc.).

When they're old enough to drive and have worked enough hours at the local greased food outlet to afford a vehicle, the car of choice for neds is the Vauxhall Nova. They'll happily drive about with the worst possible 'music' at the highest level (well, not as loud as the exhaust) and cruise along up and down the beach (at least where I live) until bedtime.


The only thing worse than neds are their girlfriends, known as ned burds. They dress in a similar fashion to male neds but with the addition of large gold pendants bearing their names (usually Anne-Marie or Kelly). Ned burds don't have Vauxhall Novas but instead hang about street corners (or the dole office) with buggies containing assorted children (mini neds) dressed in mini kappa track suits and mini baseball caps. Ned burd is normally about 15 or 16 years old and will have 3 or 4 children usually by the same number of fathers. Ned burds pastimes (apart from hanging round street corners) are smoking, drinking and child birth - usually all three are performed simultaneously.

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