You Giro blagging little fuckers,
Know to us as Neds or Muckers.
Think all that Gold makes you look rich?
Well think again you rank wee bitch!

Your ugly mug and sharpened features,
Remind me of some mutant creatures,
From a distant, far off land,
Us decent folk can't understand.

You need to wear your hat like that?
You simple-minded little twat.
So twiglette limed and high of voice,
You leave us with such little choice

It seems to me our only plans
Are to infiltrate your vulgar clans.
We'll raid the Barras in our flocks,
And confiscate those white sports socks!

'Cause as we know, no self-made ned,
Would let himself be captured dead,
Without the trademark tucked-in trackies.
While shouting abuse at snobs and pakis.

So if you want retaliation,
And want to help rid this nation,
Of filthy muckers, neds and bams,
Then join with me, and have no qualms.

We'll walk in safety after dark,
Through Maryhill and Kinning Park.
To all of you I give my thanks,
Let's terminate these little wanks!

-- Anon.

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