Good band that formed in November, 1987. They came in just near the end of the Stone Roses inspired Manchester scene. Group members were Jonn Penney (vocals), Rat (guitar), Matt Cheslin (bass), Alex Griffin (bass), and Dan Warton (drums). Their first hit single was Kill Your Television in 1990. This got them a contract with Sony. Debut album was God Fodder in 1991. Other albums: Are You Normal? (1992) Brainbloodvolume (1994)

A now defunct band from Stourbridge. They released a few good singles, especially Kill Your Television, then signed to Sony and promptly became shite. Renowned for the energy of their live shows, but the three times I saw them, they were pretty lacklustre.

They had the ugliest roadies on the fraggle scene, which is some achievement. Also notable for having two bass players. Guitarist Rat's real name is Gareth Pring.

The band's name comes from an episode of The Goon Show

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