Vauxhall made the Nova from the late 80s to the mid 90s. In Spain Nova stands for (according to Wuukiee) "doesn't go" ie. (no = not, va = go) so the car was marketed under a different name.

This car is the vehicle of choice for the modern day 'Kevin' or 'Townie.' It is cheap, ugly and cheap to insure. The design of this is now 20 years old and was not cutting edge when first introduced. A 4 door model with a boot was produced but the the most popular model seems to have been the 3 door hatchback. All were painted with paint that fades after about five years of use. They are usually adorned nowadays with alloy wheels or naff body kits that don't quite match the body colour.

Cheap insurance cost means they are accessible for young male drivers who often proceed to drive recklessly (Two thirds of young male drivers crash within two months of passing their test in the United Kingdom). As such, the Vauxhall Nova has a rather poor reputation in the United Kingdom.

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