Today is Brandy Pressley's Birthday. She is 20 today, but she is in Japan, which means her birthday is already over for her. But I can still wish her a happy one, and I know my wish will get to her. In Japan, 20 is like being 21 here. I hope she doesn't get too drunk from sake.

Happy Birthday, Brandy. Take care, and be careful. Come back home in one piece, okay, so we can eat cake and play video games and giggle together again. I miss your laugh, because when you laugh I know you're happy.

The whisper in the meadow led me to a place my heart has felt before. My spirit knows this place.

I never had any wild childhood adventures. No childhood sweetheart. No seven year old kiss, no real regrets. Well, no real regrets. Everybody has little secrets. But I'll tell you what I did have.

I had acres of woods. I had magical groves and beautiful streams. I had storybooks. I had TV and video games and art. I had Teddy Ruxbin and The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. and Ronin Warriors and Sailor Moon and Dragonball. I had the wooden sword Dad made me, and it served me well until I finally got a real one. (Every child hero starts with a wooden sword, right?)

I had lego blocks and pizza and Mom's fried chicken. I had big blue eyes that were eager to learn and to love.

I remember when I couldn't get my little arms all the way around Mom. Now she is so old. So tired.

I have plenty of future.

I ... I don't know if it matters if I never have a romance partner, as long as my friends know what I was all about. I'm Ivix, and I'm going to make the most of my life while I'm alive!

But then, of course, we'll see what happens next.

Wish me luck, everybody. You know I would root for you if I were in my place! Wait a minute... that's not quite right...

An Open Letter to Macy's regarding Tits.
'Your search on "mastectomy" produced 0 results

To help you use our Search feature successfully, we suggest:

Initiating a keyword search using a broad criteria, such as "denim" or "comforter" or a brand name. If items match your criteria, you will see those items, plus, on the left, you will see groups of links that will enable you to narrow your search by, for example, gender, brand, product type, price range.'

I'm sorry for going on again, but there are currently two things that are pissing me off - one is that very few people seem to be talking about preventing breast cancer, and very few people are providing the services that survivors actually need.

So I sent Macy's this letter:

Why on earth don't you supply brassieres for women who have had a mastectomy? My wife has just turned 42 and wants a pretty bra. She has just spent a year in Hell going through treatment for breast cancer (including the removal of one breast - imagine that!), and needs some cheering up.

One in seven (1 in 7) American women will get breast cancer. ONE in FOUR (that's 1 in 4, people) are under 40 (forty). Many of these women have mastectomies.

Not all of these women want, or can have, breast reconstruction surgery, and believe it or not, they want pretty bras!

My wife visited the [Sacramento] store (we live in Davis, as you can see) and was dreadfully upset when the sales associate told her "No" when asked "Do you sell mastectomy bras?¹"

We're frankly disgusted that a major American store does not stock bras for these women,especially given your apparent support of women with breast cancer. I doubt that my wife will ever visit Macy's again. I certainly won't, and we will be going elsewhere for the bridal gift we were going to purchase.

I have just spent a year nursing my new wife through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I'm damned if I want to be counselling her when she comes back from a shopping trip.

P.S. I understand that there is another department store, known as Nordstrom's, that does sell them. We would love to know why a major American store does not supply the products that its female customers (and presumably, staff) need.

Your call.

Kevin Weedon.

I never got any reply.

Despite the fact that we can buy them online, many women choose to buy their underwear from an actual store, with an actual salesperson. I would rather go into the store for advice on lingerie, too. I'm mad about this, so mad in fact, that I am going to arm myself with a spare tit and go in to Macy's again. Just to see for myself. "I'd like a bra to fit this size of boob, please!"

Update: My lovely wife has just added to the mix with an open letter to Title 9 Sports.

¹ A mastectomy bra has inbuilt pockets for breast prostheses - either gel or foam, normally, but tit bits too!

TheDeadGuy says I remember my dad's girlfriend having this problem back when she first had her masectomy, that she hated being told she had to shop in a "special store" like she was some kind of freak now. You'd think Victoria's Secret would jump on this and turn it into a whole new line, the "I can't believe it isn't tit!" line or something.

Laura Elizabeth says There are sexy undies out there: In Atlanta: ( and and - pass this information onto your local stores and the first site, amoena, offers training in how to fit bras properly.

(R) breast and (R) axilla - Caught in the medical machine - Going Amazonian - When the Breast Fairy Comes - So there we were, in Oncology, wishing for Star Trek technology - Weddings, and other Sundrie Diversions - Support the Amazons: A Dual-Function Ninjagirls Bakesale for Boobies - Seven Down, One to Go - 1950s technology meets 21st-century woman. - Getting better, but cancer SUCKS

A lot of people on E2 may not be aware of this.

At an afterparty in Seattle on the 26th, after a typical weekend rave, seven members of the dance community were killed when another attendee left, and then returned wielding a pump-action shotgun and a handgun along with several bandoleers of ammo. He stalked and killed everyone he could find in the house until he chased one of the people he had wounded outside, and was confronted by police. He then turned the shotgun on himself. Two others were wounded.

The dance community, especially in the US, is a very close-knit family, and the shockwave of this has been devastating. I wept for their families and friends, and I wept for the loss of these beautiful and passionate young people, even though I know their souls have moved on. None of my brothers and sisters should have to know this kind of pain, and for it to be so senseless. We have never collectively known such a tragedy.

As I've come to love about these people, though, they have found the light even in the midst of the most shattering of darkness.

The Seattle family, last night, came together in a memorial to their lost loved ones. Enth was kind enough to send me a link to pictures of this event, which can be found here.

I weep; but now I weep in joy for the indominitable tenacity and light of the human spirit.

I wanted to share this with everyone here. It would be an equal tragedy, I feel, if the spirit of love, hope and forgiveness in which these beautiful, beautiful children choose to face their pain were to go unnoticed in the wake of such horror.

Edit: Here is the best story I've found on the event so far. Thanks again to Enth.

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