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Here I am trying to do my thing and learn and help people and learn and be myself and learn. Did that come out right? I hope so.

I can be (and always welcome anyone to reach me) contacted at

Help with the madness, please. They didn't make this place for nothing.

I have been granted the ability to post once again! I have a habit of coming up with good thoughts that simply don't need their own node, so we'll see if maybe I can make better use of the daylog, catbox, and personal messages. I value other's thoughts on the ideas I encounter.

I am searching for a way to get in contact with two noders from E2: Trina and Seumas. Seumas did not leave an email address, and Trina's address will not let my mail through, and I believe it is because her inbox is full. "Recipient Proccessed by Mail Server :(email address redacted -ed) 4.4.7 delivery time expired." If anyone thinks they can help me get in touch with either Trina or Seumus, please contact me somehow through email or a private message.

Thank you to all you courageous noders who aren't afraid to discover everything about everything...



a thousand years,

a thousand fears,

a thousand tears

we shed

for each other,

like moth

to flame,

a deadly game,

lost children


for their mother,

and when hearts sing,

the music brings


like no other,

the winter cold,

no hearts to hold,

the summer


and sunny,

and in the mornings,


close to you

cherished moments,

tender, loving,


we danced,

we laughed,

we flew,

we grew,

we dared,

we cared

more than any soul

could know

or reason,

the light so bright,

the fit so right

for a hundred



the moth,

the flame,

the dance,

the same,

then broken wings,

and treasured


in pieces

all around us,

the dream

the only one

i long for,

here or there,

our souls

laid bare,

a million years

from now,

my heart



hold you.