Magnum is the premier photojournalism agency. Magnum is a cooperative of nearly sixty photographers that was founded in 1947 by Robert Capa, David "Chim" Seymour, George Rodger and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

They have offices in London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

Magnum photographers have worked for nearly every major publication in the world over the past half century. The photographers are particularly well known for their photo essays.

Magnum maintains an archive of over a million images in color and black and white, dating from the 1930s until today.

Latin for "more" or "greater. Used to designate a more powerful version of a certain cartridge. This extra velocity is usually provided by a longer case which can hold more propellant. More propellant will generate greater pressures which in turn will drive a projectile much faster.

The concept of Magnum is different from the concept of Super (like .45 Super, .38 Super or more recently .40 Super) in that Super versions are usually of the same external dimensions as that of the original cartridge. The case is usually beefed up a little in the critical internal areas where failure under high pressures are most common. These beefed up cases can withstand more pressure and thus allows for the use of greater amounts of propellant or the use of propellants which have a much higher burning rate. Be aware that as of this date there are no SAAMI or CIP standards for .40 S&W +P let alone .40 Super. These are either overpressured loads or just sneaky marketing techniques. Use of these rounds can lead to destruction of the firearm and injury to user.

Common magnums are the 44 Magnum, which is the more powerful brother of the 44 Special and the 357 Magnum which is the bigger brother of the 38 Special. Don't ask me why it is not called 38 Magnum as cartridge nomenclature does not make any sense, anybody who has had any subtantial experience with firearms will tell you that. It is also possible that S&W's head marketroid thought that "three five seven" sounded catchier than "thirty eight". Both the .38 special and .357 Magnum use a .357 inch bullet.

There also are magnum rifle cartridges, most recent at this date is the WSM or the Winchester Short Magnum. The WSM was magnumized by making it fatter rather than longer to allow its use in a rifle with a shorter action.

"Magnum redefined the European ice cream market as the first ice cream developed especially for adults. It is positioned as the essence of the pursuit of personal indulgence."
- Unilever Website (

Defined as 'luxury impulse ice cream' and marketed as well-deserved self-indulgence for young, slim professional people with nice faces, the Magnum has a sleek, elegant and streamlined design, like an Audi TT or an expensive vibrator. The basic 'concept' is simple: yummy, creamy, sugary vanilla ice cream surrounded by a nice thick, crunchy cold layer of chocolate. Not since the Choc Ice has such a bold attempt been made to encase ice cream in chocolate, and the ensuing consumer hysteria has made Magnum one of the flagship brands for Walls and Unilever.

The Magnum advertisements in Ireland focus on (as one might expect) bright sunny days, young people (but not too young - after all, this is an expensive ice cream), and the proven and successful message adored by all watchers of Friends and Ally McBeal: all this stuff about diet and health is all very well, but it's not FUN!! In this case, fun is a glorified sugarlump on an elegantly moulded wooden stick. Cue to multiple images of young women with bright red lipstick crunching sinfully into the chocolate casing of their favourite flavour Magnum. Remember, kids: It's good to be selfish sometimes! Cue catchphrase: "No way! I'm not sharing it!"

Available flavours include:

Please /msg me if you know of a flavour that I've omitted.

In Australia, Streets has released two limited edition series of Magnum icecreams so far. The first, the Seven Deadly Sins was in aid of promoting the product, after research discovered that only 64% of Australians had tried them (according to B&T Marketing and Media, The Sixties Nine has been released recently and each of the nine icecreams are based on various aspects of the sixties era. The other special features of the limited edition icecreams are phrases carved onto the popsticks and the possibility of free t-shirts if enough popsticks are collected.

The Seven Deadly Sins

  • Envy - peppermint icecream covered in dark chocolate with pepperminty bits
  • Revenge - vanilla and strawberry icecream covered in red chocolate
  • Greed - chocolate mudcake icecream covered in a lot more chocolate
  • Sloth - vanilla icecream covered in peanut butter chocolate
  • Vanity - vanilla and champagne icecream covered in white chocolate with those little silver balls found on cakes
  • Gluttony -
  • Lust -

The Sixties Nine

  • John Lemon - lemon sherbert icecream covered in white chocolate
  • Candy Warhol - musk icecream covered in white chocolate with candy bits
  • Jami Hendrix - vanilla icecream with strawberry jam swirl covered in chocolate with biscuity bits
  • Wood Choc - chocolate icecream covered in chocolate
  • Choc Work Orange- chocolate icecream covered in orange chocolate
  • CinnaMAN on the moon - white chocolate icecream covered in cinnamon chocolate
  • Peace Man-go - mango and vanilla icecream covered in mango white chocolate
  • Guava Lamp - guava and vanilla icecream covered in white chocolate
  • Cherry Guevara - vanilla icecream covered in two layers of chocolate separating a cherry saucy layer

All in all, these are some very tasty treats.

If any other Aussies out there can remember what delightful combinations made up Gluttony and Lust, please message me!

Mag"num (?), n. [Neut. sing. of L. magnus great.]


A large wine bottle.

They passed the magnum to one another freely. Sir W. Scott

2. Anat.

A bone of the carpus at the base of the third metacarpal bone.


© Webster 1913.

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