Television series. At first glance it would seem to be typical 80s fare. Tom Selleck as hunky P.I. Thomas Magnum in vapid stories filmed in exotic Hawaii. But the show actually was a little more sophisticated than that, and quite a bit more psychologically bizarre than you might think. The character Magnum does nothing but fail in every episode. If he falls in love, his love interest is killed. If he solves a case, its always by accident rather than by ingenuity.

Cool 80's television series (dare I call it a drama?) starring Tom Selleck (as Thomas Magnum), a private investigator in Honolulu, Oahu,Hawaii. Co-starred John Hillerman as Higgins and featured Orson Welles as the voice of Robin Masters, the unseen recluse author who owned the joint.

Continuing with cantsin's point...
Magnum, P.I. did fail constantly, yet somehow the Ferrari made it worth the trouble. Occasionally Magnum's buddies T.C. (Roger Mosley), the chopper pilot, and Rick (Larry Manetti), the bar owner, would help. Unfortunately, Rick was an alcoholic with serious commitment issues, and T.C.'s helicopter was grounded in the mid 80's for being horrendously ugly.

Oh and Magnum often got his friends killed off to star on other short lived shows.

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