Mike Post is an extraordinarily prolific composer of TV theme tunes. Chances are that you're very familiar with several of his works, which include:

These are just the ones that I am aware of, he is credited with involvement in about 90 TV shows by the imdb. I find it remarkable that one guy is responsible for so many memorable tunes.

I first became aware of him via the incidental music of NYPD Blue, which is utterly risible. "Who is this joker Post?", I thought. The term deaf as a post seemed to apply. But then, purely co-incidentally, I noticed his name in the credits of Quantum Leap, and wondered how much other good work he has done....

Other notable musical accomplishments include playing the guitar on Sonny and Cher's smash hit "I got you Babe", producing the mighty "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)" for Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, working as a conductor and musical director for The Andy Williams Show, and being awarded 5 Grammys and the BMI's Richard Kirk Award.

Those Grammys in full:

  • 1968 - Best Instrumental Arrangement - Classical Gas.
  • 1975 - Best Instrumental Arrangement - The Rockford Files.
  • 1981 - Best Instrumental Composition - The Theme form Hill Street Blues.
  • 1981 - Best Pop Instrumental Performance - The Theme form Hill Street Blues.
  • 1988 - Best Instrumental Composition - The Theme From LA Law.

Based on a biography by Jason Ankeny, and info from IMDB and the grammys web-site.

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