Can I Ching anything? No, unfortunately I am too low on the Totem Pole. Can I gather some writeups and link them here for your pleasure and amusement? Damned straight I can!

I've only been on E2 for a few years, so this list is in no way comprehensive, but may give noob|new users] a hint of what sort of humorous writeups are contained on this site. Many of the "old timers" will already be familiar with these, but may want to revisit some of them for a nostalgic chuckle, guffaw, belly-laugh, etc.

    Zach's Why Fox cancelled Firefly (Well, it was a good show--maybe that's why people on the internet are still moaning about it being canceled.)

And of course the darkly comical series: The Von Wicked Chronicles by Excalibre and Evil Catullus (this link will take you to the Category listing of the various Chronicles).

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