Leftover Crack is a band formed from many of the old members of Choking Victim. They make some twisted music that they consider a mix between punk and ska. Though they have put out a few records and do a lot of live shows, the band is currently homeless. They now live in "C-Squat", an abandoned building on Avenue C in New York. They've had numerous squabbles with their label, Epitaph Records, because of album titles and the graphic nature of their album covers.

Leftover Crack's lineup has changed many times, reaching back to the time when they were Choking Victim. As of now, it consists of Stza (lead guitar and vocals), Ara (drums), Alec (bass), and Ezra (guitar and vocals). All of Leftover Crack's members reside in C-Squat. They hold many shows there, and it's rumored that they have illegal drugs at these shows for consumption by their fans. One of the reasons they don't have a home is because they spend so much of their money on drugs.

Don't listen to Leftover Crack if you're easily offended. I would actually recommend that you not listen to them at all. A few of their more popular songs include Crack City Rockers, Gay Rude Boys Unite, Nazi White Trash, and Rock the 40oz. Their songs contain lyrics such as "Shoot the kids at school / All in a bloody pool / I'll show the teacher too / 'Cuz they can't tell me what to do". Shoot the Kids at School was going to be the title of their newest album, but Epitaph Records would not allow this. The new name of that album is Mediocre Generica.

Though they have Satanist images on their albums and promotional materials, Leftover Crack insists that they are not Satanists. On their website, www.leftovercrack.com, they have a number of "interviews" where they discuss topics of interest about their band. Here are a few of their more interesting questions and responses:

"10) If you could kill anyone you went to school with, who would it be and why (excluding yourself)?
I don't remember well enough, what with the dropping-out & all. There was this one chick in my 2nd grade class that stole my Jell-o this one time, it would definitely have to be her."

"3:Do you have any family like parents(if you didnt disown them)?If so what do they think of yer kind of music and the satanism?
i think they disapprove but they like that im not panhandling anymore"

"16:Do you think yer fan base is growing?
like a great cancer"

"5)Do you really smoke crack and if so how much?
-all of it!"

"7)If you could have any one person in the world killed who would it be and why?
-rosie o donnell cause i fucking hate her fucking guts."

"10)If George W. Bush and a preschooler had a spelling B, who would come out victorious?
-george w. bush is a wax museum statue and the preschooler got shot, so technically they couldnt compete."

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