F-minus is a hardcore, political punk band based in Huntington Beach, California. They are on the Hellcat records label, along with other fine recent punk bands bands such as Leftover Crack, The Gadjits, Choking Victim, Rancid, and Dropkick Murphys.

The songs F-Minus puts out are extremely short, fast, and to the point, reminiscent of the very early days of punk, when The Ramones were starting out. In fact, their self titled album is only around 17 minutes long, albeit having 20 songs.

1997- Give 'Em The Boot
1998- Failed Society
1998- Won't Bleed Me
1999- Give 'Em The Boot II
1999- F-Minus
2001- Tomorrow Seems Hopeless
2001- Suburban Blight

The Current Members:
Brad Logan-Guitar/Vocals
Jen Johnson-Bass/Vocals (the songs she sings on are my favorites; I love her voice)
Erika Daking-Guitar
Adam Zuckert-Drums


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