A truly brilliant compilation, one of the finest I own. From Rancid's supercharged version of Sham 69's Oi classic "If the Kids are United" to Joe Strummer's mellow, roots reggae number "X Ray Style", the comp bursts with life. It also contains the mighty (and recently disbanded) Choking Victim, a much-adored band of crack rock steadied squattas hailing from NYC. It's offshoots, Leftover Crack and INDK, are on here too. Also notable are the '77 streetpunk-styled US Bombs, and the speedy old-school hardcore sound of The Distillers, a mostly female band fronted by Brody Armstrong, wife of Tim Armstrong, co-founder of both Operation Ivy and Rancid.

It also provides a good mix of reggae and ska with tracks by the like of The Slackers, The Pietasters, and Hepcat. Several of the "bands" are Rancid with a guest vocalists. Examples: Nocturnal, Buccaneer, and on the tune by Buju Banton, you're hearing Rancid backing him up. Well worth your time, especially if you have an interest in ska, reggae, and how it often relates and ties into punk.

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