Rock-ska band from Leawood, Kansas. Elvis Costello is the entire band's favorite artist. Four members: dummer, two guitars, and a keyboarder. The two guitars do most of the singing, with the keyboard girl doing backup vocals on some songs. They have a ton of energy, terribly enthusiastic about their shows. Both times I've seen them have been great, despite both times being nearly empty shows at Twisters. I could never get enough of the lead singer and keyboardist's ankles. They bop and rock and bend at the ankles like gumby - it's awesome to watch.

They're on Hellcat Records. Albums are:
  • Da Gravy On Yo Grits (1996)
  • At Ease (1998)
  • Wish we never met (1999)

    My favorite songs by them are Bullet in the Mattress, Sh'Bop, and Traffic Tickets, Backup, Bad Gadjit. Jenny Jones (leave the death rock kids alone) is great fun live, but seems a bit long on the recording.

    They have a web site at, including full length Real Audio tracks for their entire album At Ease.
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