Mediocre Generica, released on September 11, 2001, is the first album put out by the HxE punk band Leftover Crack. It may be a little harsh for those not used to hard core music, but a few listens will establish a tolerance for it, and after the tolerance is established, you will love this band. It will become your favorite band, and you will want to become homeless and smoke crack and worship satan and read underground newspapers.

Actually, the members of the band are non violent and atheist, not satanic, but as Ezra said in a recent interview, "We like a little crack smoking with our politics." Very tongue in cheek.

This album has one of the strongest introductions I've ever heard, and some of the catchiest tunes ever written. Just takes a little getting used to. Don't let the titles fool you; the songs preach tolerance towards people of all races and sexual orientations, not the other way around. A life changing album.

And now, the track listing.

2.Nazi White Trash
3.Atheist Anthem
4.the good, the bad & the Leftover Crack
5.Gay Rude Boys Unite
8.Stop the Insanity
9.Crack City Rockers
10.Burning in water
11.with the Sickness
12.Born to Die
13.Bonus track:Gay Rude Boys Unite instrumental

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