Growing up as a kid who was not popular (as did most of us), I soon learned that groups normally persecuted by the preps were really not all that bad. Some of the Goths at my old school were actually pleasant to carry on a conversation with; the punks were a fun-loving lot, never ones that would exclude. The nerds were not condescending or socially inept. I felt as though I had been lied to by Popular Culture, a feeling that I had experienced before and one that I would experience again in the years to come. So I began to subscribe to the notion that virtually all outcast groups were pure and unsullied by human foibles.
That was where I went wrong.
At my old school, there were not "D&D kids". I had just assumed that since they were mocked and ridiculed in the national media, then they must be all right. But at the school I attend now, there is a group of about six or seven guys (yes, they are all male) that sits around in the library before school starts and plays Dungeons and Dragons. And you know what?

I don't like them.

They are loud and inconsiderate. They yell in the library without regard or concern for anyone else in the room. I don't see why they can't go play in the cafeteria, where no one will care how loud they are.

But do not take this as an attack on D&D or those who play it. I have even played the game once, and would have enjoyed it more had the Dungeonmaster been a little more enthusiastic. I am merely expressing my exasperation at those at my place of learning who display selfishness by shouting when playing an RPG.
Anyway, I think I might have to revise my previously held (and preconceived) notions about some outsider groups.

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