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They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -- From a letter from Benjamin Franklin to Josiah Quincy, dated 9/11/1773.
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I'm taking a little break.

I like reading the best this site has to offer.

I don't like reading crap.
I also don't like reading about people being upset with the editorial policies.

I don't like reading about how much you love each other, how wonderful Noder X and Noder Y are.

Real quality comes with a price: the need for editing, sifting out the garbage. I'm both sympathetic and critical of people who disagree with editors. While randomly surfing through E2, I find more and more intelligently written critiques of the editing staff. Sometimes it amazes me how people can expect to get away with massive amounts of crap, and I wonder how the editors can handle it all. Sometimes it amazes me how people can make such bad decisions with their editorial powers. Does E2 have double standards? Maybe. It doesn't really affect me, as someone who chooses not to participate in the more controversial areas of noding. Either way, I'm not sure I want a stake in this community, as this community grows larger and larger.

There's a lot of hotly debated topics here. I don't like hostile, unstable environments, I don't like to see strife (well, I like to see Strife the band live). I don't really see any point to coming back here any more. So until next time, if there is one, see you later.


Why do I have such a stupid-sounding user name? Read Rocks Tonic Juice Magic, I couldn't think of anything better.

Also, seems to reach me. It's probably not necessary, given the /msg system and all, but all the cool kids put their e-mail up!

I used to have ASCII Art here, and then it mysteriously disappeared. It probably had to due with the outrageous amount of space the art took up. C'est la vie.

Nobody answered my last trivia question. It was easy too. I'll put a new one up sometime. Boo!