One of the four major traditions at Bryn Mawr College. The second tradition of the year, this is the night when the sophomores pass the light of knowledge down to the incoming frosh, in the form of a lantern. The glass in the lanterns are the class color of the frosh, the color from the class that most recently graduated. The four colors are green, light blue, red, and dark blue. They stand for earth, wind, fire, and water. The ceremony takes place in the Cloisters of Thomas Hall, which is completely dark on that November evening. All participants are dressed in black bat robes. The upperclasswomen all sing Pallas Athena in Greek while the sophomores run the lanterns to the frosh. When all the frosh have lanterns behind them, they reach down and grab them without looking, and then sing Sophias, another Greek song, by themselves. All present join in after the first time through, and the frosh leave while Sophias is being sung. After all the frosh are outside, a senior begins the traditional school cheer, and then the entire school gathers outside for a Step Sing. The ceremony is a beautiful one, and one which will be remembered by the participants for the rest of their lives.

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