Parade Night is the first of the four major traditions at Bryn Mawr College, occurring on the night before the first day of classes. The freshwomen gather together to learn their Parade Night song while the older members of the college line up outside of Pem Arch. The sophomores are the first to line up, they'll throw water at the frosh as they run past. The two classes have a rivalry running right from the beginning of the year, to be shown more clearly during Hell Week. After running past the sophomores, the frosh are pelted with candy by the sympathetic juniors. The candy is supposed to be a nice gesture, but in reality, it hurts more than the cold water does. The seniors sit on the Senior Steps of Taylor Hall, apathetic to the whole event. When all the frosh have run past the seniors, the entire school has a step sing on the other side of Taylor. Because the frosh haven't recieved their lanterns yet (that will come on Lantern Night), they recieve candles which leave wax all over the path, to last for the duration of the step sing. It's an interesting welcome for the frosh, and a nice way to distract them from the stress of the first day of classes the next day.

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