Used by Keepers of the Sacred Chao in their signatures. It is a Discordian title of honor, first introduced by the POEE sect, I believe.

It is widely known and used as it is defined in the Principia Discordia, were it`s main reference is:

I think it was thought as a parody of, among other titles of respect, FRC - Frater Rosaecrucis - which is used in Rosicrucian Orders. It parodies on PhD as well.

KSC is used,as title, following the Pope signature,and may or not be acompained of the five fingered hand of Eris (-><-).

With a caron over the C, it's Komunisticka strana Ceskoslovenska, the (former) Communist Party of (former) Czechoslovakia.

(information in this w/u translated, summarized and paraphrased from

The party was founded at a congress on May 14th-16th, 1921 in Prague. It entered the Internationale and aimed for a socialist revolution in Czechoslovakia per the Soviet model. Its core members were Marxist leftists who had torn away from the Czechoslovak social democrat party. The party was bolshevized following the KSC's 5th Congress in 1929, where Klement Gottwald and his brass band... er, and his marxist-leninist followers took control of the party.

During WWII, the party split into Czech and Slovak sections, separately controlled, though ultimately both receiving instructions from Moscow. Their participation in the resistance to the Nazis helped the reunited KSC earn a headstart in the postwar period. On Feb. 25th, 1948, in an event called "Victorious February", the KSC took over political power in the country after a quite successful election and a political-pressure maneuver by Gottwald. Of course, the USSR's influence, both directly and through the simple fact of its existence, was also a factor.

The KSC's rule did not differ from the Communist norm: industry transferred to state control, strong buildup of heavy industry (esp. military industry, incl. for export), violent liquidation of the private sector, collectivization of farming, centralization of politics incl. elimination of many villages' political (though not physical) existence. The democratization process called "Prague Spring" threatened a shakeup to KSC hegemony, quickly corrected through an August 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion, followed by a political process called "normalization" -- basically forcing everyone who'd been involved in democratization to either leave public life or "renounce the error of their ways."

After failing in the 1990 parliamentary elections, the first free elections since 1948, the Czech portion of the KSC became the KSCM (Komunisticka strana Cech a Moravy, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia), while the Slovak portion became the SDL {Strana demokraticka levice, the Democratic Left Party). The Czech successor-party hovers around 10% in elections to this day. A tiny splinter party run by one of the most notorious of the old bigwigs, Miroslav Stepan I believe, still exists. I think it's called KSC just like the Real Thing.

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