Kalinga is a small group of languages spoken by perhaps 80,000 in the Philippines.

My sister is currently in Mangali, "three day's hike from the nearest road", learning Madukayang and helping SIL International (the Ethnologue people) translate the bible into Minangali.

Here is Ethnologue's taxonomy of Kalinga. Number in parentheses are the number of languages below that heading. The three capital letters together are Ethnologue's three letter language code.

Austronesian  (1262)
 Malayo-Polynesian  (1238)
  Western Malayo-Polynesian  (531)
   Northern Philippine  (70)
    Northern Luzon  (54)
     South-Central Cordilleran  (30)
      Central Cordilleran  (22)
       Kalinga-Itneg (12)
        Kalinga (8)
           Upper Tanudan Kalinga KGH
           Mabaka Valley Kalinga KKG
           Madukayang Kalinga    KMD
           Limos Kalinga         KMK
           Lower Tanudan Kalinga KML
           Lubuagan Kalinga      KNB
           Southern Kalinga      KSC
           Butbut Kalinga        KYB
Here's what little information I could scrape up on these languages :

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