Radio Liberty was established in 1951 as The Radio Liberty Committee, Inc. Much like Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty's purpose was to broadcast the real news (according to the United States) to all nations within the Soviet Union. Radio Liberty, too, received funding from the Central Intelligence Agency.

Radio Liberty was and continues to be a propaganda tool used by the United States. It competed with propaganda of the Soviet Union (such as Radio Moscow) during the Cold War in order to deliver the actual news that the Western world was privy to but that the Soviet Union deprived its populace of.

Central Intelligence Agency involvement in Radio Liberty ended in 1971. In 1975, Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe merged into RFE/RL, Inc. Radio Liberty continues its broadcast to this day, now 50 years old, serving all nations formerly within the Soviet Union.

The website of Radio Liberty, along with Radio Free Europe, is at

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