A time in Czechoslovakia of reform under Alexander Dubcek. During this time, “socialism with a human face” gained support and was applied.

During this times the Czechoslovaks found the “Czechoslovakian way to socialism,” according to Alexander Dubcek in 1968. Dubcek came to power when Czechoslovak leaders ousted the First Secretary in an effort to get a less centralized economy, less censorship, and a subordinate role for political parties other than communist. This atmosphere of newfound openess and reform is the “Prague Spring.”

This period ended when Dubcek was replaced by Husak.

A popular movement based upon the slogan "Socialism with a human face" that culminated in the invasion of Czechoslovakia by members of the Warsaw Pact and by the Soviet Union. The revolution demanded the democratization of government in Czechoslovakia and was hugely popular. The ultimate result was a Soviet military presence in Czechoslovakia until 1990. Also, over one million people, including my mother, emigrated from the country illegally.

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