Japanese pizza is notorious for its... umm... inventiveness. Do you snicker when the cow orker in the neighboring cubicle orders aspagarus pizza with anchovies? Hop on board a flight to Japan and bring them a souvenir they won't soon forget!

The best place to sample authentic (or perhaps "original" would be a better word) Japanese pizza in Tokyo is the restaurant chain Shakey's Pizza, which offers an all-you-can-eat buffet at lunchtime for a ludicrously low 600 yen. (One particularly convinient branch is on Omote-Sando, very close to the Oriental Bazaar.) To give an idea of some of the fine fare on offer, the following is a little list of actual pizza toppings I have sampled there:

...and last but by no means least, my personal favorite... I have also heard whispered tales of the following:

A tip of the hat for this last list goes to http://www.erdoboy.com/pizza/pizzaDS.htm, which even has pictures of some of these -- in combination. How about a tasty Potato Humberg pizza with ground beef, potato and meat sauce; the oddly named Strawberry Mix with cod roe, squid and asparagus, or perhaps the simple elegance of the Kimchi Bacon pizza with kimchi, bacon, leek and double cheese?

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