Oh, how I wish that this node were a mere (idea), but no: in Japan, the spaghetti omelette is a warm, wiggly and all too real (thing).

A spaghetti omelette is prepared by cooking some spaghetti, frying up the eggs halfway, then dumping the spaghetti and some tomato sauce onto the half-set eggs, letting the noodles seep in and consummate their unholy union with the chicken fetuses. Flip it into a classic omelette shape and top it with the obligatory dribble of ketchup, and whoomp, there it is!

As the mere existence of such a monstrosity tends to arouse disbelief even in the hallowed ranks of the henna gaijin, I feel obliged to provide a pointer to an actual purveyor of spaghetti omelettes. Head to Ikebukuro in Tokyo, locate the Seibu department store (not difficult, as it was until recently the world's largest), and take the elevator up to the food court. There you will find an omelette restaurant, which not only prepares spaghetti omelettes, but blatantly advertises the fact with a plastic model of this demon spawn in the window.

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