One of Homer Simpson's favourite words. Often prefaces such words as doughnuts, beer, and women.

An expression of desire for, or attraction to something.

during an episode of pure boredom, i decided to type random domain names and see what i got... here's a list of mmm, mmm, good domains.

  • Minnesota MicroNet
  • 3M Worldwide
  • Coming soon from
  • search engine
  • Great Domain Names for Sale (right.)
  •, obviously "The Best Site On The Web!"
  • (no thanks.)
  • - Live sex shows (mmmmmmmmm...)
  • "limen"
  • Web Page Under Construction (why are there guys with shovels?)

i really hope the list doesn't go on... but think about all those tasty domains out there!

The NYSE Stock ticker display for 3M corporation (stands for minnesota mining and manufacturing). They are, as mentioned above, the Scotch Tape (and Scotch Gaurd, and ScotchBrite, but not Scotch Whiskey) people. They went IPO on January 1st, 1946, well before the dot-com IPO craze.

Emacs mode. The name stands for Multiple Major Modes.

The MMM package allows you to use some major modes inside other major modes. This is particularly important for using embeddable languages. For example, with MMM you can edit a HTML document, embed PHP or ECMAscript in it, and coloring with font-lock and indenting work automagically no matter what you're actually editing.

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