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mission drive within everything
the liberation of all sentient beings
guitar, bass, drums, keys, computers
Single File Noise
If you take that bus, you're gonna get there.
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He can glide silently and land without a sound. He is the other presence in the pitch-black room. He spends his leisure hours dozing in a tub of tepid bath water with only his nose breaking the surface. He dreams strange, green dreams while grinding his teeth and clenching his powerful jaws. He has a hunger that never leaves him. He has been to the Secret Mountain and studied the Seven Silent Forms with the Blkind Master. He has The Eye That Pierces, The Iron Hand, and The Heart That Waits. He can see through your deception, batter aside your defenses, and armed with only a reel of specially coated dental floss, dazzle you with the strength of his will.